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COVID-19 Safety Strategy

The Rise and Shine Preschool family is an extension of our family-owned business, made up of teachers, parents, children and the community we serve. Rise and Shine Preschool is here to help provide a safe, wholesome environment to the children of our community during this challenging time, and the health, safety and overall well-being of our family, and yours, is always our top priority. We are responding to the COVID-19 crisis with extra safety precautions as we continue in our mission to "set the foundation of children’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual healthy well-being so that they may be productive members of society." Below are some of the latest practices we are performing as we follow the CDC guidelines for childcare settings. 

  • Incorporated an app for parents to check in and out (touchless) 

  • Face masks required for teachers 

  • Face masks required for parents (for drop off/pick up)

  • Restrict access to the classrooms - parents limited to Foyer/Entrance (no access to hallways or classes)

  • Temperature check at sign in for every child

  • Consistent disinfecting/cleaning of surfaces

  • Washing of hands often

  • Staggered outside play

  • Keep the same small group of children together throughout the day as much as possible (do not combine groups).
  • If a child tests positive or has been exposed to COVID-19, a 5-day waiting period is mandated before they are able to return, along with a physician’s note clearing the child.  The classroom will close to disinfect, as per CDC guidelines, should a child or teacher test positive to COVID-19.

  • Parents must sign and adhered to the pandemic policy (PDF below) in order to attend our center:

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