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Programs Overview

Focus: A Structured Emphasis on Academics through Play Based Activities.


Our curriculum is based on engaging our students to learn through discovery.  Children learn individually and with others through play. We offer our children a play-based educational curriculum, which supports all aspects of their learning and development. It supports their natural curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them and helps them discover that learning is interesting and fun.

Our programs and curriculum are designed to provide children from diverse cultural backgrounds with unique interactions, opportunities and experiences that will help them reach their full potential in six developmental domains: Physical, Cognitive, Language, Creative, Emotional, and Social.

The students at Rise and Shine Daycare Center experience daily physical activity programs to ensure a healthy progression of physical growth.  The children learn through senses, curiosity, imitation, conversations, and imagination.  Activities include art, music, books, cooking, nature, blocks, puzzles, story time and Spanish as a second language. The goal of this program is to provide a well-rounded curriculum that aids children in all areas of development.


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