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Tuition and Enrollment

We are open for enrollments!
We are happy to announce that we are open for enrollments!  Enrollment is based on a "first come, first served" basis.
Please note that filling out a pre-enrollment form does not guarantee enrollment.  To fully enroll, a full enrollment application needs to be submitted and a deposit of $250 is required.  The deposit is applied towards the first week's payment and it is non-refundable.

Application/Enrollment Fee:  $75 (non-refundable)

The application fee is due with your child’s application to ensure the application is processed.   Application for Enrollment Form can be downloaded here.

Waitlist Policy: 

$200 Registration and Application Fee (non- refundable) Plus Deposit of $250 (refundable if Rise and Shine is given a 30 day notice). If space is not available, your child will be placed on the waitlist for the next available space. Spaces are first come first served based on submitted payments and availability.

Registration Fee: $125 (non-refundable)

Upon enrollment, the parent is required to submit a non-refundable registration fee.  This fee will be assessed yearly; this fee will re-enroll the child for the new term and ensure their position at the center.

Deposit: To enroll, a full enrollment application needs to be submitted and a deposit of $250 is required. The deposit is applied towards the first month’s tuition and is refundable if Rise and Shine is given a 30 day notice before scheduled date of enrollment.


Materials Fee: The materials fee covers some of the cost of classroom materials including art supplies, workshops and subscriptions. This is a yearly fee.


Part Time (starting at 16 months - Not available for Infants/Babies program): There are two part time options: 2 Days a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays) 3 Days a week (Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays)


Summer Program: Due in June for the Summer program, includes extra field trips, arts and crafts and activities. Rise and Shine is a year round program, but we do offer Summer Camp for School Age children (K-5th)

Sibling Discount: 5% Discount given to oldest sibling (lowest tuition) Sibling discount is offered only to full time students (both children must be enrolled full time)


Tuition is due the 1st day each month and is auto drafted through Brightwheel.  Parents have the option to pay the flat monthly fee or pay tuition based on the amount of weeks in each month. Tuition may be paid only via an ACH payment (Payment can be set up electronically).

(If viewing from mobile, please scroll right on the table to view all Tuition rate information)

Tuition Rates:

Tuition per Week
Flat Monthly Tuition
3 Day Part-time per Week
2 Day Part-Time per Week
Application Fee (one time)
Yearly Registration Fee
Yearly Materials Fee
Summer Program
Infants (6 weeks - 16 months)
Toddlers (17 months - 24 months)
Toddlers II
Preschool I
PreK (Pre Kindergarten 4-5)
Ready to schedule a tour?  Please fill out this form here.  We are looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy soon!
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