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Infant daycare program for Rise and Shine Daycare center in Fairfax VA

Infants Program

Focus:  "Trust”

Ages 6 weeks - 16 Months

Babies have a strong need to feel secure with their surroundings, it is at this time that we work in developing trust so that he or she will feel safe and secure in the world.  Establishing a routine is very important in making them feel comfortable with their surroundings.

At Rise and Shine Daycare, babies are catered for in a  room which is warmly decorated. They are given individual care and attention and are provided with toys to stimulate their physical and intellectual development.   Teachers take a very hands on approach and provide plenty of physical contact to stimulate trust.




Reading -- Reading is fun and should start early!  Our teachers will ensure that your baby is read to everyday. 


Singing -- Nursery songs will be accompanied with hand gestures.  Soon your child will start using those gestures when he or she hears the songs.


Gym Play -- Babies will get a workout on our little mats specially designed for babies.  This activity with help them strengthen their core and help development.


"Nature" Strolls  -- Nice day out?  Babies will get to enjoy it as they are taken on a nice stroll around our beautiful grounds.   Our center is located away from traffic and features long, green yards, professional landscaping and a quiet, peaceful environment.




Our teachers get excited about your child's milestones too!  As your child begins to grow and reach new milestones (crawling, clapping, standing, walking, etc), we'll make our best effort to provide you with pictures of videos the same day they happen.  We celebrate with the baby and encourage continued activity for each  milestone your child reaches.  You know your child is loved and cared for when the teachers genuinely feel joy when your child reaches a new milestone.


Daily Report:

​Teachers will prepare a daily report sheet that will give you
detailed information about your baby’s day: sleep times,
food consumption, mood, diaper changes and other relevant
information.    You can preview the report by clicking the 



Open Door Policy:

Want to come and feed your baby during your lunch hour?  We invite you to come!  We have a genuine Open Door Policy.  This means that you can come anytime to spend time with your child or simply just check in on them.  We prefer that you limit the visit to 15 minutes or less so that it causes the least disruption to your child or the class.   We wish to provide you with peace of mind through this Open Door Policy.


Questions?  Please call use or contact us via email.  We'll be happy to answer any question you may have.


If you would like to schedule a private tour of our center, please contact us and we'll schedule a time for you to come and visit.  We encourage you to bring your child along.

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