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Child daycare program for Rise and Shine Daycare center in Fairfax VA
Preschool Program: "Autonomy" and "Control"

3 Years - 4 Years old


This program is set up for 3 to 4 year olds (preschool age) as their social skills are improved and they begin to play more actively with other kids.  They learn how to share and get along with others- these are important skills to master as they continue their journey into becoming “big kids”.

Once the child has shown signs of readiness, we will help with toilet training to accomplish a greater sense of self control.  


Teachers establish fun activities that will teach children how to communicate emotions, and how to build positive relationships that will develop their compassion, empathy and a sense of right and wrong.  New subjects are introduced: letters and numbers.

Children gain a greater sense of control and power over their body, their feelings and over their understanding of the world around them.  Teachers plan activities that allow children to initiate actions and make appropriate choices that will help them to accomplish tasks and face challenges.

Starting at the age of two, our students are exposed to Spanish as a second language.

This program will enrich their vocabulary and help foster a sense of appreciation for different cultures.

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