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2020 Summer Camp

Now enrolling Kindergarten through 5th Grade.   June 15th - August 21st 2020.

Children coloring
Science Courses
Summer Camp Kids
Outdoor Class

Registration Fee: $75 

Regular Summer Camp Day Hours: 9am-3:00pm $200/Week**


Extended AM- 7am-9am $50/Week additional

Extended PM- 3pm-6pm $80/Week additional

**Additional field trip fees are not included

Activities include:


Outdoor activities 





..and much more.

Questions and Answers (Q&A) regarding Summer Camp:

Q) What safety measures are you taking in your center to keep children, parents and staff safe?
A) Rise and Shine has implemented additional safety procedures and protocols according to the CDC guidelines, included but not limted to:

  • Reduced capacity (limiting to 10 persons per room, including staff)

  • Cleanliness

  • Increased cleaning of frequently used surfaces like door handles, bathrooms.

  • Restricted traffic in the center by only allowing staff and children in the center; no parents or tours. 

  • Drop off and pick up outside of center. 

  • Increased enforcement of hand washing and sick policies

  • Mandatory temperature checks of all staff and children upon entering the center

  • Staff required to wash hands with soap before student session

  • All children required to sanitize hands  (and be observed by staff) upon entering center.

  • All staff and children 10 years and older are REQUIRED to wear masks while in the center

Q) What if my child does not want to wear a face covering?
A) We will be giving students “mask breaks” as needed, which means stepping outside of the center and removing their mask until they feel comfortable. They will be required to wear a face covering when they re-enter the center. If a child is unable to wear a mask, we recommend our virtual summer camps until face covering requirements are lifted by state and local officials.


Q) How will you ensure physical distancing in the center? 
A) The number of students in the will be limited to the CDC Guidelines for the summer camp. We will space students six feet apart to meet our social distancing requirements. 

To enroll, please fill out our Contact Form by clicking here.

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