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Below are testimonials about our Director, Mrs. Burgos, regarding the value and quality she is bringing to the center experience.  

Once the day care center is open, we welcome your testimonial and feedback.

Testimonial 1


 “The teachers were organized and creative with the kids.  The craft projects my daughter would bring to me every day made me smile.  I could tell she was learning a lot and they were preparing her for the future.  I felt like I was leaving my child with close family, and I could truly tell that my daughter was happy.”

-Martinez Family

Testimonial 2


 “The staff under Mrs. Burgos’ supervision was loving and kind from the start.  Sam settled in right away and became attached to his caregivers.  He was well engaged by the planned activities and was appropriately fed and diapered.  We were confident that Sam was safe and happy.”

-Beth Blue and Joe Graf

Testimonial 3


“I found her to be consistently dependable, responsible and very creative.  I can attest to her outstanding character and reputation.  Her ability to teach children and provide a caring and learning atmosphere is an asset to the Day Care”

-Carmen English

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